Why I Use One Notebook for Everything

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Do you ever look at your half-filled notebooks and just decide you need a new one? Either because you want a different aesthetic or you don’t like what you already have written in it.

I have been there. I still have like 50 unfilled notebooks that I can’t get myself to get rid of, but that I know I will never use again. So wasteful!

Last year, I was financially unstable- or broke as many like to call it. Lol. So, getting ready for the school year, I only got one notebook. It was cute, don’t get my wrong, and in hindsight for the price I got this notebook for I could’ve bought 5 cheaper notebooks with. That’s besides the point- I loved the look of this notebook and because I knew it was my only one, I took care of it. I organized each page with dates and subject headings.

This system worked so well for me that I decided to do it again this year. Being a neat freak and enjoying having systems, I have decided to add a few new thing this year as well like:

A weekly to do list

Every Sunday I dedicate a page to writing down everything I need to accomplish that week and also events that I will be attending. This has excited for the week and has lead me to become calmer about what I have to get done. Seeing it all laid out on one page helps me remember exactly what I need to do and when. It’s also fun decorating this page and making it look cute. It makes it easier to look back at.

Marking pages with color coordinated post-it notes

I mark the pages in my notebook. So, after I create my weekly to do list, I mark it with a green post it. This way I can easily find it. I mark pages purple that I need to look back at, and I mark my last page I’ve used blue so that I don’t have to flip through my entire notebook to find the next blank page.

Why Does it work for me?

Well, the main reason it works for me is because I dread blank pages and hate having unused notebooks. I am bad at using a planner because of this. I will forget to write for a week and then decide to just throw it away all together. I like having a scheduled time to write what I have to do. This way I know I will always get it done.

ALSO I don’t lose or bring the wrong notebook to class- it’s all in there.

Why should you try it?

  • You will waste less paper- you will fill out an entire notebook and trust me it feels like a great accomplishment
  • You will take better care of your notebook
  • It can help you stay organized
  • It’s fun and adds color to your notebook
  • All your stuff is in there – now you just have one thing to keep track of

What do you guys think? What are your favorite organizational tools? And do you think you might try this?

Thanks for reading! Happy organizing 🙂

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Your Sunday To-Do List

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“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”

Sundays are the most important day of the week- in my opinion. How I spend my Sunday  determines what my attitude will be towards the upcoming week.

I have found that my weeks are the best when my Sunday to-do list looks a little something like this. Try it out:

1. Cleanse

Take this day to focus on you. Take a long shower, wash your face, hair mask. Listen to a feel-good playlist. Cleanse all the stresses from the past week off your body and mind.

2. Organize/ Clean

Wake up tomorrow to a clean house. Take the time to clean today. Don’t make this a rushed activity, but one that you enjoy by lighting candles, opening windows, and dancing.

3. Meal Prep

Now, this one is one I sometimes forget to do (or make excuses as to why I am not going to). Don’t put off grocery shopping for two weeks and resort to quick meals!!! (lol me). Plan meals for the next few days, cook them, and make them easy to grab on your way to work/ class.

4. Draw up a To-Do List for the Week

Make it pretty! Get excited about what you have going on this week. Include easy and small things too, so you will feel good crossing them off. I write things like “coffee” and “class” because having things that are automatically checked-off with little effort gives me more motivation to finish out the rest of my checklist.

5. Catch Up

Today you have time. What do you need to do to be caught up for the upcoming week, or better yet, what can you do to get ahead?

5. Reflect

My favorite. How will you reflect today? Church? Meditation? Going for a walk? Reading a book/ writing? What type of reflection will make you feel the most renewed for the upcoming week?


Happy Sunday! Make it a good one