Interview with a High-End Fashion Designer

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Yuri owns “Simply Me by Grace” a high-end clothing collection made in Italy. Her clothes are made from quality and are up to trend. Already interested in learning more? Check out her website and give her a follow on Facebook @simplymebygrace

So, with out further ado.. the interview!

What sparked your interest in being in the fashion industry?

I’ve always known that I wanted to work in a clothing store. I started my first job at forever 21 when I was 18. After my first job I loved it.

What has been your inspiration?

Everything I do is for God. He is who I look up to and I am where I am today with my business because of him. This is why my business has Grace in the name; it is by his Grace this company came to pass. He has guided me every step of the way. “For I know the plans I have for you…” Jeremiah 29:11. That’s how it all began for me.

What’s a Fun Fact About you?

I like to go to worship concerts, and jump like a little girl. (Lol. I love it!)

What advice can you give someone who would like to join the fashion industry?

Follow your heart and figure out what your true passion is and give it your 110%. Always be a leader! Always stand out no matter what you do. Be the person that sets a trend. Don’t be the one that follows it. Always go against the wind, that’s how great designers are born!

Thank you Yuri for sharing your advice and inspiration. 



9 Questions to Ask When Creating a Style


I used to make a huge effort to keep up with the latest trends. I didn’t particularly like the clothes, but I bought them so it seemed like I was up to date with fashion. I would shop almost every single weekend. Then, I would wear the clothes for a few weeks and they would never leave my closet again.

My life changed when I was listening to an interview with Ralph Lauren, who was talking about simple and timeless looks. I had an a-ha moment and thought to some people I knew who’ve had the same style for years. It just works for them. Have you ever met someone like that?

Even though, yes, once in a while I want some inexpensive, fun thing to go out in, realistically I’m spending the same if not more buying cheap and quick trending clothes than I would be buying well-made clothes that I would enjoy for a long time.

Another hard part for me was realizing what looks good on someone else may not look good on me. And that’s okay! I used to see other girls wearing cute things and would try to find similar things regardless of how they looked on me. What a waste. If I didn’t like how it looked in the fitting room but just liked the style, how can I expect to wear it out of the fitting room? I guess they looked good in my closet.

So to the questions- but before that, I highly suggest you look through your closet first, organize your clothes into categories, and then take inventory what you already have.

Then ask yourself this-

How would I describe the style of my clothing right now?

What Celebrities do I admire?

What colors do I feel best in?

What types of clothing compliment my body the best?

What colors compliment my skin tones?

What outfits do I feel most confident in?

What clothes do I have that stood the test of time?

How would I want someone to describe my style? (in 5 or less words)

What are my favorite materials?

What do you guys think? If all fails- find ideas on interests! Never underestimate the power of Pinterest boards.

Anyways, have a happy & marvelous Thursday 🙂

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