Embracing the Season

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As summer comes to an end and cold weather takes over, it’s easy to feel blue. We begin to think about how much better life was when it was warm- counting down the days until 70 degree weather comes back.

Every year, winter takes a huge affect on my well-being. I dread leaving the house, cancel plans often, and fall into lazy routines. Now that autumn has begun, I already feel myself falling into this trap.

I fear the cold weather and all it brings.

This blog post is as much for me as it is for others. I refuse to feel how I usually do in the painfully cold weather.

That being said, my motto for this fall & winter is-

“there is a season for everything”

I can’t control the weather. I will learn this year to embrace the season for what it is. Each one brings a unique gift. It is unhealthy to spend my life wishing for one season.

To help prevent this fall/ winter sadness, I am creating a bucket list for each season, My hopes are that it will help me get in the true spirit of the season. Feel free to use it as well!

Fall Bucket List

– Apple-picking

– Carve a pumpkin

– Eat a carmel apple

– Hay Ride

– Cook a fall meal

– Read a book by a campfire

– Have a friendsgiving

– Send out letters of gratitude

– Go leaf stomping

– Go to an outdoor movie and bring blankets

– Drink a hot chocolate

– Road trip

Winter Bucket List

– Go sledding

– Try snowboarding for the first time

– Build a snowman with friends

–  Bake and decorate cookies

– Volunteer

– Take up a craft and make gift baskets

– Go to a light show

– Roll around in the snow

– Listen to christmas music

– Travel somewhere

– Bake treats for family and friends

I choose to be excited for cold weather this year! I have a bucket list to cross-off now.


Let me know if I should add anything to it. 

Thanks for reading & happy cold weather!

Things to Think About This Morning

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I love mornings mostly because they’re a chance to start again. I wake up with a mindset that yesterday does not exist anymore. And so today, I am a new person.

How you spend your morning quite often determines the quality of the rest of your day. If I wake up late and in a hurry, I become irritated and stressed out and it carries with me for hours.

It is so important in the morning to find time for yourself. This is a great time to find  purpose and motivation for the day.

So this morning here’s what I want you to think about:

How we spend our days is how we spend our lives

simple right? but it’s something we often forget to remember. What you do every day adds up to what your life is.

Goals are what you’re doing everyday

You can’t expect to reach your goals in one day (depending on what your goal is). It requires time and patience. It’s in what you do everyday. What will you do today to work toward your goals?

What you are doing is either adding to your life or subtracting from your life

Think about what you can do today that will add to your life. It can be working toward accomplishing something or it can be spending time with your favorite people. Whatever, in your mind, that is adding to your life do more of it and whatever is subtracting, do less of it or get rid of it.

And finally ask yourself: How do I want to feel today?

You know the things that make you feel good and the things that leave you feeling unfulfilled or regretful. Plan your day according to how you want to feel. Picture a perfect day in your world and act accordingly. Does being kind to others make you feel good? Limiting social media use? Regularly getting up and walking? Think about all of these things before getting your day started!

Thank you for reading. Happy Saturday 🙂