The Great Lessons you Can Learn from Kids

I worked in child care for over 3 years.. and I can say that I definitely learned a thing or two like:

  1. Sometimes you just need to be aloneIMG_6622
  2. and it’s okay to be sad once in a whileimg_1471.jpg
  3. How to roast: “Donald Trump is somebody uncle [at this day care]” Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 8.04.41 PM
  4.  Crafts are actually kinda fun IMG_1455
  5. We all have an inner poet

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 8.22.35 PM

6. Everyone loves a friendship bracelet


7. And chairs are just overrated


How I was Tricked into Eating Vegan

I become vegan (not by choice) whenever I go to California.

Don’t believe me?

August 28th-my first day in California: I flew into LAX and was craving a burger!! My friend and I decided to walk around until we found it.. FAT BURGER. With my mouth watering, we darted into Fat Burger. As I was looking through the menu, I noticed “The Impossible Burger”. I thought to myself: challenge accepted.

“I’ll get the Impossible Burger!” I shouted

to which my vegan friend replied, “I’m proud. Look at you ordering vegan!”

So the Impossible Burger came- and it was actually delicious! Maybe it was because I was borderline starving, but I can’t deny that it hit the spot.

A picture of the burger:


The impossible burger tastes *almost* like a real burger. Honestly, if my friend hadn’t told me it was a vegan patty, I would’ve thought it was a bit of an odd burger, but I still would’ve eaten it. The texture is super soft and a little crumbly. The taste is very similar to beef, but different. I can’t describe it. You have to try it yourself.

For a vegan burger I would rate 10/10– I would definitely order again.

Don’t know anything about Impossible Burgers? Well, apparently they don’t only sell them at Fat Burger. It’s actually a brand of vegan meat. Check them out and find out restaurants near you that carry them


And if you actually decide to try, let me know your experience with it!