Why “YoungCoco”?

Have you ever spent an hour with a child? They ask an amazing amount of questions. Everything is so new to them. There is so much they have yet to experience. This is how I feel every day. Life becomes more exciting when we take the things we usually overlook and try to see them in new ways. When I think “young”, I think of curiosity, fascination, and amazement of all that is present. So in a sense, I always feel young. 

This blog is a reflection of the randomness and constant curiosity in my life.

If you’re still reading you should know that I love meeting new people and attending events of any kind from screenings to cultural events and anything in between. This is what gives me the most energy and inspiration. 

Community is extremely important to me and I try to find it everywhere I go. I believe that our lives are a series of events and what’s better than shared experiences with others?