My name is Coco. Welcome to my page! If it’s your first time here- check out my blogs asap! If you are returning to my page- thank you, thank you!

So a little bit about me- I am incredibly adventurous (but I’m afraid of heights so no I will not go sky diving). I love meeting new people and attending events of any kind – from movie screenings to cultural events and anything in between. This is what gives me the most energy and inspiration. I truly believe that we can learn so much from others.

I believe that our lives are a series of events and what’s better than shared experiences with others? I am driven by connecting with others and building community.

Random things about me- I am a chicken-wing enthusiast. I love rain gear (rain jackets, rain jackets, umbrellas..all of it) – if I could wear rain gear everyday, I would. I am obsessed with flowers. I swear one day I will have a flower farm – once I figure out how to keep plants alive lol. Podcasts are my life lately, I don’t like online shopping because I’m impatient, and something interesting about me is that I laugh like the person I spend the most time with.


I created this page to bring you inspiration, new ideas, and happiness. My hopes are that this page brings you peace, sparks for positive change, and a lust for adventure.

I am always looking for someone to collaborate with. Also, if you have anything you want me to write about/ give advice on- please let me know!

Well you read my entire “About Me” You did it! Congrats!

Happy blogging and reading.

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